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Off-Shore Partner Visa

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Hi All,

My wife recently visited on visitor visa and went back last week. I want to bring her back here to be with her. From reading the forum and my previous post, trying to waive condition 8503 from a sponsored visitor visa is next to 0%. If it was removed I can apply for On Shore Partner Visa.

I want to know if I were to apply for a visitor visa so soon after she left, would it get the application denied? I want to apply for 6 month stay. She already came to Australia twice before on visitor visa with the 8503 condition.

Another option would be for me apply for Off-Shore visa and then apply visitor visa? Would this make her getting the visitor visa more likely?

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Immigration can look at the previous visits to Australia, they often look at the last 18 months. They can refuse a Visitor Visa for any reason, but one reason is if the applicant can/has been in Australia for more than 12 months in any 18 month period.

In some cases a offshore Partner Visa application can be a benefit in applying for a Visitor Visa, but it is no guarantee.

How long have you been in a relationship?
The length of your relationship is very short, it will be very unusual if you have gathered enough evidence in the 4 categories if you were not actively gathering it.

Being married will not be a reason that a Partner Visa will be granted, you should do a lot of research before you put in a Partner Visa application or it might just end up being a $7,000+ donation.
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