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On subclass 820.. relationship split. What to do?

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Hi there,

I am from the USA and moved here in June of 2014 and was granted my Temporary Residency through subclass 820 (Partnership) in April of 2016.. we split up in August of 2017 and I am trying to find a way for me to stay in the country. I received and email from the DIAC to apply for my 801, but we are no longer together, so my ex partner does not want to go ahead with that process. Is there any other way for me to stay here?

How long can I stay on my subclass 820 without applying for the 801?

When I tell the DIAC that we are no longer together, is there a bridging visa that I can obtain to stay here until I figure out my next visa?

Also, If I have to leave the country, how long until I can return to Australia on another Visa?

I am terrified of having to leave. My entire life is here, I have my own ABN, great job ect..

If I could get some help ASAP that would be wonderful!

Thank you!
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The purpose of a partner visa is to be able to be in Australia with your partner. If you are no longer together, then you both have an obligation to inform DIBP of that.

No, you can't apply for a bridging visa to stay while you look for another eligible visa. Like said above, they give you time to arrange to leave.

If your partner visa ends up refused because they find out you're lying about currently being together, then you aren't helping yourself in getting any other eligible visas to live in Australia in the future.

Best to be honest in these situations. You're no longer together and your partner is right for not wanting to lie to a government agency about it. Not sure but it seems better to withdraw the app than get a refusal.
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