The government of the state of Victoria in Australia has launched an online service to connect newly arrived skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals with employers.


The service allows overseas qualified professionals to profile their skills, qualifications and experience for hiring employers to view.​

The Overseas Skills Registry is an online platform to connect skilled workers with employers seeking staff in occupations currently in demand in Victoria. This includes overseas qualified professionals and trades people.

"A unique feature of the registry is that all candidates are living in Victoria, are legally permitted to work and either have an Australian skills assessment or Australian qualifications," said Louise Asher, Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business.

"I am confident the Overseas Skills Registry will help skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals to enter the local workforce, build their careers and contribute to the Victorian economy," she added.

The Overseas Skills Registry allows overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants to profile their professional skills, qualifications and experience. Employers can then view the profiles and make contact with suitable individuals.

Eligible employers and newly arrived skilled migrants can apply for an account online and Asher said that the Overseas Skills Registry will also help overcome one of the biggest challenges facing skilled migrants which is breaking into a new job market with a lack of local networks or professional references.

"This initiative is an election commitment of the Coalition Government and is a win-win for both skilled migrants and businesses that have been hampered by roles they have not been able to fill locally," explained Asher.

The Overseas Skills Registry is currently open to two specific groups of skilled workers which are state nominated skilled migrants and international student graduates with previous professional work experience.

State nominated skilled migrants using the registry have been approved for a state nominated visa by the Coalition Government, are permanent residents and are skilled in an occupation that is in demand in Victoria.

International student graduates using the registry have a degree level qualification or higher from a Victorian university together with at least two yearsí previous professional work experience, in an occupation that is in demand in Victoria.