The Australian state of Victoria has launched an online Overseas Skills Registry to make it easier for overseas skilled workers who have skills in demand to connect with employers.

The registry is designed to broaden overseas skilled workers' local networks, and support them to access job interviews and employment.


Candidates must be living in Victoria with a work visa and have skills that are in demand​

Using the registry, overseas skilled workers can create an online profile of their professional skills, qualifications and work experience.

At the same time Victorian employers can access the registry and connect with individuals who have the skills and expertise they require.

The registry is open to Victorian nominated skilled migrants, international student graduates with previous professional work experience, and eligible overseas qualified professionals who have entered Victoria under any visa category.

To be eligible to use the registry, candidates must be living in Victoria with a work visa, have an Australian skills assessment or Australia qualifications and have skills that are currently in demand in the state which can be found on the official government website.

Current skills in demand cover a wide variety of occupations including in engineering and building, biotechnology and science, financial services and human resources, information and communications technology, tourism and hospitality, health, education, legal, motor trades and electrical trades.

Eligible individuals can register to create a profile on the Overseas Skills Registry and start connecting with Victorian employers.

'The Victorian government recognises that overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants often find it difficult to access job markets due to a lack of local networks and professional references,' said a spokesman.

To overcome these challenges, the Victorian government has developed the Overseas Skills Registry and it is managed by the Skilled and Business Migration Programme which is part of the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation,' he explained.

'The Skilled and Business Migration Programme aims to attract high calibre, experienced overseas skilled professionals, trades people, business owners and investors to Victoria to meet ongoing workforce needs that cannot be met locally and to attract investment and jobs to Victoria,' he added.