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Hello everyone, this is my very first post after joining this forum so nice to speak to you all. So, to jump to my question, my partner and I are applying for our partner visa soon and are gathering all the necessary evidence to have a successful application. Our question is, do we have a strong enough case/evidence to be successful in your opinion? Anything we could improve on? To give you guys a brief introduction about myself and our relationship before I get to my evidences, I am a 20 yr old male and I currently live in Australia QLD and have been living here since I was in grade 5 in primary school so although my nationality is Korean, people tell me that I have more Australian characteristics than Korean haha. Anyways, I first met my partner Rachaele in high school back in 2011 so about 7 years ago now and started dating as official couples in 11/7/2013. Since then till now, our relationship has matured and strengthend dramatically and we now live together (she moved in on 02/04/2016 when she turned 18) an our relationship registered in May 2017. Both of us share a very close and personal relationship with our parents also, to the point where my partners mother refers me as her son in law already and we also share vast range of Mutual friends. (Will upload Facebook page to show that in evidence section)
So that is a very brief history of our relationship and myself. Now the evidence that we have so far!:
-1 year worth of joint lease
-joint bank account (been actively used for a year)
- car insurance with my partner listed as a driver also.
- car rego under both our names
- joint mobile phone account
- tons of photos available for use (with family, on road trips etc)
- flights tickets to see eahother before she moved up to qld to live with me
-1 joint flight ticket to go see her family
- couple of hotel booking emails
- joint theme park memberships (dream world, movie world)
- many years worth of Facebook posts showing our relationship to the public eye. (If needed to attach)
- we are both listing each other as superfund beneficiaries in few days
- currently gathering about 6 form 888s (partners mother/father, 2 best friends, partners cousin, and my mother (non citizen)
- our own statements obviously explaining our relationship and how it fulfills the 4 aspects
- mails and letters addressed to both of us and separate to the places that we’ve lived in together.
- Couple concert/show tickets that we went to
- joint bank account statements showing all the spendings including rent payment, rego payment, car insurance and my partners personal loan payments.

So there it is. Just my interim document list if you want to call it that way for now. And we will be preparing more evidence as we go. So what do you reckon guys? Is it pretty good or do I need to strengthen it a lot more? If so what would you advise? All thoughts and discussions are welcome!
Thank you in advance
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