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Hey guys, this is my first post after being a long term reader.
Well I applied for my Onshore Partner Visa (820/801) in 11 April 2017.
It is been almost one year and I still don't know nothing, I submit everything what I could and a week ago I even pass my medical test.

At the moment I am on Bridging A (class WA) and this coming 10 of April we going to travel with my partner to Bali for 10 days. I applied for a bridging visa which will allow me to travel 4 weeks ago and didn't hear anything since then... what should I do?

Do you guys think so it could be a good idea to call immigration and at least tell them if the can asses my bridge visa or assess my application as i have everything updated ? I really would like how far my application is in the queue.

If the immigration department is saying "Partner category visa applications are processed in the order of the date on which the application was received (lodgement date)" how come so I applied one year ago and some people is granted with 4-6 months of waiting?

Thank you for any hint for get my visa assessed quicker.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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