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Hi all,

First time post-er and in dire need of some VISA advice!

Myself and my (de-facto) partner have been in Australia for the last year on her Student VISA (572) and we're looking to move onto a temp or perm VISA before it runs out in March 2013.

Here's our situation, bear with me..

My girlfriend is a qualified Vet Nurse (TAFE Cert IV) with one years working experience with an Australian Vet Hospital, she has other working experience but at different places through the years.

I am degree educated in IT and have 5 years experience working in Financial Operations in Institutional banking.

My girlfriend has been offered sponsorship by her employer through the 457 route due to her occupation being on the CSOL list, but her salary would be below the TSMIT market rate. I've spoken to DIAC who've said there's no flexibility when it comes to this threshold, since her colleagues don't get paid this salary. Confused why it's on the CSOL and not the SOL which doesn't have TSMIT. So we've checked out our remaining options;

186 - through her employer Labour agreement stream: apparently this is for occupations not on SOL or CSOL. I don't have any willing sponsoring company at present.

485 - Only available for Diploma and higher graduates, she has a Certificate IV.

189/190 - Individual skilled: we're looking into this one if either of us are eligible, but we both score 60+ on the points system so hopeful.

PR VISAs - Unsure if eligible because of short residency term, but if our application was accepted would a bridging VISA be available?

Student VISA extensions - Unsure whether this would be appropriate, if they are even available.

Also my brother, who lives in Perth, is an Australian citizen married to an Australian, would he be eligible to sponsor me in anyway either in Sydney or Perth? I have spoken to DIAC about this who are quite vague in saying it would only be accepted if I were his last living relative, which I'm not. Wondering if this would be different for Perth which I believe is a regional migration option..

I think that's about I can think of right now, really really appreciate any insights, advice or experience you wonderful people have had in the past that would give us some hope in staying here.

Thanks guys,
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