is privileged to have a group of industry known writers on staff. Australia Forum is known as one of the primary internet locations for all international immigration related content for those people looking to move to Australia. On top of this reputation we are striving to become an authoritative source for all Immigration related news on the web by breaking community relevant stories on a daily basis.

Bob Sheth - Executive Editor

Bob Sheth​

Bob is the Managing Director and Executive Editor at His main journalistic role is to find great new expat and immigration stories by utilizing the active community on site and harnessing the real time social internet.

Bob founded the current site in 2008 and has since grown it to become one of the market leading websites for expatriates moving to Australia worldwide.

Bob's work editing similar site's and blogs earned him a great ranking accolade on the industry survey ranking the top 100 overseas real estate writers online.

Ray Clancy - Senior Editor

Ray Clancy​

Ray Clancy has over two decades worth of knowledge and experience in journalism which include being published at well known titles such as Property Wire, Property World Middle East, The French Paper, the Daily Telegraph and a number of property blogs.

Mark Benson - Journalist

Mark Benson​

Mark's online journalism experience is quite broad. Since 2004 he has worked in the topical areas of property, expats, finance, broadband and the mobile industry.

Mark has worked for for the past 3 years. His work frequently gets quoted in newspapers.

Jose Marc Castro (Marc) - Journalist & Research

Jose Marc Castro​

For the past two years Marc has been a contributing writer and researcher on and other web properties. Marc's career and experience have been varied and include working in teaching, law, contracts and policy development.

Marc is based in the Philippines. His legal background gives him the ideal skills needed to research and write great material for

Sarita Sheth - Blogger

Sarita Sheth​

After a 10 year career in education and the public sector, Sarita has converted to a new path of online journalism and blogging. She has experience in educational, public sector, political and travel led editorial.

Editorial Policy at Australia Forum

  • is committed to the highest editorial standards in the provision of all its website content and related services.
  • It is committed to providing reliable, timely and objective information on all aspects of expatriate, immigration related markets.
  • In all instances we strive to ensure that content is founded on the best knowledge currently available.
  • Content will be accurate, balanced and transparent.
  • Information given will be judged against the best available evidence and sources named wherever possible.
  • Where content contains conjecture or opinion, this will be clearly indicated.
  • is committed to editorial quality.
  • News stories and feature articles are picked by an editorial team to ensure they are particularly relevant to readers.
  • Our selection of news stories and feature articles will not be influenced by the demands of advertisers.
  • We will strive for the highest quality of reporting, writing, photography and design. Any factual mistakes will be corrected.
  • All content will be suitable for a general audience and will not contain material that might be deemed offensive.
  • will review this policy from time to time and reserves the right to make any changes as and when appropriate.