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Hello everyone,

I studied in the US in 2015-16 and then at the time I was self sponsored and awaiting approval for a scholarship from the government. And so during summer time I was studying at the english center and finished it and wanted to transfer to university so I told the english center there is no need to continue with my classes here since I got a good score at toefl and they said that is fine, just bring acceptance from university and we will transfer your I-20 there.

So I waited during summertime for three months to get the acceptance and for them to transfer it and then got shocked when they told me I fell out of status even though they said everything is fine. So they advised me to go back to my home country and apply for a new visa and I did.

And when I arrived at the airport, immigration questioned me about the overstay and told me you should have been aware and so I withdraw my application for admission and went back home. I didn't get deported or anything I just left on my own and the officer told me I have no ban.

So now I have a scholarship from my government to study a certain major and a job guaranteed in my home country. The only problem I have is when filling the visa application form:

There is a question that says: Have you ever been excluded or asked to leave any country? (Including Australia)

Should I say yes or no? Keep in mind I didn't get banned or anything and I withdraw my application and left. So I wasnt deported.

Also there is another question: Have you left any country to avoid being deported?

should I say yes or no? no one looked after me or wanted to deport me while being in the US since I simply just left when I got aware im out of status.

I need your help please and if overstaying in another country will affect my application for a student visa to australia. I have no criminal record or anything else, just this overstay in the US that I wasn't aware of and that I left immediately.
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