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Hello all,

I have been accepted into a Master's program in Sydney that starts in the middle of August. I would like to apply for the student visa with my partner as a dependent. My concern is we will reach living together for 12 months at the end of July. However, we have been together longer than a year which I have:
- plane and hotel receipts I purchased with both our names
- our parents and current and former roommates can provide statements saying we have been partners for over a year
- dated pictures and letters between us

My question is would it be better to apply for the Visa without my partner as a dependent and wait to reach the 12 month's living together then add her as a subsequent entrant or do we have enough evidence to go ahead and apply with her as a dependent. Also, if we were to wait, would she be able to join me on a tourist visa or would she need to be out of the country while we apply for for the subsequent entrant visa.

Thanks for any help!
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