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We just got our partner visa granted after 3 months and couldn't believe it. We were so nervous and expecting it to take at least 12 months so it came as a total surprise.
We found the process quite difficult and confusing at times as the government website is soo vague about what it wants. Oh and time consuming too!! We considered hiring a visa advisor to support us with the application as that is what so many people had advised, but they are SO expensive and it's costly enough for the application alone. So we did lots and lots of research and did it alone.

We wanted to help people save money and time so I have put a site and guide together. If you are looking for help check it out!

If you have any questions on the threat we are happy to help :)
Thank you for sharing. This is great news! Big congrats!!! It's so comforting to hear this. We have just lodged our 820/801 application last month. We are hoping some random luck is going to come to us so we don't need to wait for a long time!

We did the application ourselves too. We did consider to use a registered migration agent to do it for us but the fees were too high. It was quoted $2,700 per 820/801 application. We didn't want to spend $7,000 + $2,700 for the application. So we did a lot of research online, read posts in this forum and went through the Home Affairs' official site many times to try to understand the application requirements as much as we could.

We found the application part was relatively easy to complete. But it took some time to answer all the questions. The difficult point we came across was we weren't sure what level of details that we should include. Given the facts that we have been together for more than 12 years and got married back in 2010, there are so many legal documents and related materials that we can attach to the application to well represent our case. But we also found it a bit confusing the attachment part didn't appear till the application was submitted and the fees were paid. It was definitely a surprise for us the amount of documents in different categories were asked in the attachment section.

Very interested in your application. If you don't mind sharing it, would like to take a read. :)
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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