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Hey guys,
I need some help, I was recently granted my 820 partner temporary residency visa after being with my aussie partner for two years now. We had no issues and got granted the visa fairly quickly.
Now, last Saturday I stupidly got charged PCA, blowing 0.02 worth of alcohol whilst parking my car from visitors parking at my house to a normal car park across the street. I had one drink an hour before this and dinner after and it completely slipped my mind as i was just moving the carpark. I am not trying to justify myself i know it was my fault and I was unlucky. I am on my Green P's (also have my UK full license and have been able to go for my fulls for a year now) and will be going to court in a month. I am doing everything i possibly can do to get a section 10, getting a good solicitor, doing a traffic offenders course, getting character references (considering i am normally a non drinker and this is completely our of character for me) and going for my full license in-between.
If i don't get the section 10 it means i get a criminal record, fine and loss of license of maximum 6 months. Im really worried this record will affect my residency application when i apply for the 801 visa in a year.
I have been in Australia almost 4 years now and have settled down in this town I now call home with my partner. We are in the process of buying a house and we are both musicians in a duo together so my life is really set up here. I am kicking myself due to knowing this mistake i made could affect my life and have not been able to sleep since. Everything was going so smoothly and i have worked so hard on this visa already, therefore i'm so worried I will get my application denied due to this.
Please help, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Just to add, im not trying to justify my actions. I know I should not have got in the car whilst there could be any alcohol left in my body and it was a stupid mistake I wish I had thought about more carefully.
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