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Need advice as always

We have been married now over 3years and lived together 100% of that time
we are planning to apply for a partner visa as both of us have been in Asia away from home country all this time.
some potential issues we face are
1. first tourist visa was denied because it was incomplete (we didnt know about biometrics)
2. second tourist visa was granted but we were only given 3months and were afraid we would be separated as during covid so we didnt use it
3. Third visa was refused because we didnt include enough Right to Return evidence.

4. And also my spouse is Russian and Australia seems to have demonized them

So by now we are sick and tired of visas and even trying to get to OZ just to visit.

are we at risk of visa denial
should we use an agent, if so who will not ask for an arm and a leg while doing a good job

any extra thoughts
any recent experience
anyone had visa refused because russian
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