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Hi there,

I was hoping to see if I could get some advice on the following questions for the forms 4SP & 80 please. They may be obvious but I just want to be 100% sure!

Quick background info..
I am Irish and currently in Australia, my husband is Australian by birth. I came on my 417 working holiday visa, completed my regional work and was granted my 2nd working holiday visa. I then applied for a 457 but this visa was refused on the grounds that I did not meet the criteria, this was appealed at the MRT and we are awaiting a decision but I have decided to proceed instead with the partner visa.
Whilst on this bridging visa I have been granted two separate BVB's to return home for 2 weeks at a time. This is the only time I left Australia.

Q4. Are you awaiting a decision on another visa application?
I will be withdrawing my case from the MRT, should I still say yes?

Q6. Have you been refused an entry permit or visa to Australia?
Do I answer yes or no to this as I was already in Australia when this application was refused?

Q28. Details of arrival

Do I state the first time I arrived in Australia or the most recent time I arrived on my BVB?

Q36. Have you been to Australia before? - give details of previous visa's (arrival & departure dates)
Does this mean have I been here before my first working holiday visa was granted? Or should I give the dates of each time my visa's were granted since getting here, even though I hadn't left the country?

Q49. Do you have any other personal contacts in Australia?
I have many friends here but no family. Who are they asking about when they say personal contacts?

I would really appreciate any help you can give!!

Clarabelle 
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