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Hey everyone,

My partner and I recently applied for the Onshore Partner Visa and it got approved in less than 5 days. Given that every time I spoke to immigration I was informed it could take up to 18 months, this has obviously come as a nice surprise! I can't imagine having to wait for a year and a half for immigration to "approve" my relationship SO I am going to detail everything we included in this post to hopefully help other people achieve the same result.

Firstly I will give you some background details:

- Applicant (me) Nationality and Age: British, 26
- Sponsor Nationality and Age: Australian, 26
- Met: December 27th 2010 in Scotland
- Began Relationship: September 16th 2011 (would have been sooner if it were not for the distance - maintained daily contact throughout this period)
- Moved in Together: January 6th 2012
- Joint Lease Together: June 8th 2012
- Applied for Visa: May 21st 2013
- Visa Acknowledged: May 23rd 2013
- Visa Granted: May 28th 2013 (3 working days!)

We divided our information into three "A4 Refillable Display Books"
(from Officeworks), which included 20 plastic pockets.

FOLDER 1: contained everything that was officially required for the visa + a cover letter and a contents page.
This is what it contained:
- Cover letter - names, contact details etc
- Contents Page
- Form 47SP
- Form 80
- Stat Dec - Partner Visa (Applicant)
- Applicant's Medical Assessment
- Applicant's Proof of Identification (Passport, Driving Licence etc) and Two Passport Photos
- Applicant's Birth Certificate
- Applicant's UK Police Check
- Applicant's Australian Federal Police Check
- Applicant's University Degree
- Applicant's University Transcript (These were to back up the character assessment)
- Form 40SP
- Stat Dec - Partner Visa (Sponsor)
- Sponsor's Proof of Identification and Two Passport Photos
- Sponsors Birth Certificate
- 5 x Statutory Declarations From:
- Sponsor's former boss (Major in Australian Army)
- Applicant and Sponsor's former flatmate (verified I moved in on Jan 6th)
- Stat Dec's from both mother's
- Stat Dec from joint Australian friend

FOLDER 2: Contained all official supporting documents (Statements, Leases etc)

These were the contents:
- Contents Page
- NSW Registered Relationship Certificate (we got this because we were 2 weeks short of having lived together for a year in terms of officially sharing a lease)
- Australian Defence Force Defacto Application (Included bills, security clearances etc to have me recognised by the army)
- Sponsor's Will naming Applicant and Sole Benefactor
- Current Payslip of Sponsor (showing he is able to financially support throughout application)
- Sponsor's previous 3 years worth of tax returns
- Official letters to our shared address dated January 2012 (to show we were living together before I was officially put on the lease)
- Joint lease for apartment in 2012
- Joint lease for house for 2013-2014
- Joint Power and Water bills for 2012
- 2x Joint Bank Account Statements
- Joint Residential Phone Bill for Current Address
- 6x Sponsors Phone Bills from January 2011 until 2013 showing maintained contact
- Receipts showing furniture bought for current address
- Travel itineraries for trips taken (Flights, Ticket Stubs, Hotel Confirmations etc)

FOLDER 3: Contained all unofficial personal documents

These were the contents:
- Contents Page
- Approx 25 photos together, with our families, on trips, at formal events etc
- Evidence of Social Activities (Concert ticket stubs, new years events, musicals etc ALSO, photos of joint purchases mentioned in receipts, presents to each other)
- Personal Correspondence - letters written to each other during time spent apart, journal entries during partner's army deployment, birthday cards, valentines cards, anniversary etc
- We also included some funny bits and pieces such as a "Marriage Certificate" from an autowed machine that we got on New Years Eve - funny little things that you randomly get when you're in an actual relationship with someone

In terms of layout, labels were affixed to the front of each plastic pocket detailing the contents and, if needed, why we deemed it relevant. We also put two labels on the front of each folder stating which folder it was, what it contained (Official vs Unofficial Documents), and the names of Applicant and Sponsor (in case it went missing..).

The biggest thing that we wanted to make sure of was that all of our information fitted together seamlessly: What was detailed in our forms, matched both our stat decs and the stat decs provided by others; the travel itineraries matched the photos we included; ticket stubs matched social events that we mentioned etc.

We deliberately separated everything into different folders as immigration send back everything that isn't official. Folders 2 and 3 were returned to us the week after we applied; we thought that separating it this way would make it easier for them to see all of the information they had to keep and the information they just had to sift through.

We also made sure that everything in the first two folders was certified if they weren't originals (bills, leases, ID's, letters etc)

In terms of the supporting stat decs (Form 888), we went for two professional and impartial people as the main two and three supporting ones from friends and family.

The medical was done when all of the information we wanted to include had been gathered so it could be couriered the day after the medical was returned. The medical was returned after a week in a sealed envelope which we included in Folder 1. We put all three folders into a plastic "Translucent File A4 50mm" (again from Officeworks), and sent it via Express Post to the Sydney office.

It was sent on the afternoon of Tuesday 23rd May, Signed for by the Sydney office on Thursday 24th May, on Friday 25th of May I received an email detailing that it was a "valid application", my bridging visa details and receipt of payment, the Temporary visa was approved on Tuesday 28th May and all of the personal documents arrived back at my home on Friday May 31st.

Sorry for this being the longest post in the world; I'm not sure which aspects made our application faster so I included everything!

Hope this helps - if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer :)

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Thank you for the congrats guys! :)

Re: GBP - We didn't change the format of those forms when we filled them out; more we made our information fit around what they asked for. Which bit did you want to change?

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All of the forms that you need are on the immigration website, I would recommend reading through the "Partner Migration Booklet" (if you google this phrase it will come up :) ), to verify which forms you need. A quick way of getting each form is to type it into google followed by pdf and it will be your first hit (saves you looking through the website trying to find them).

As for not living together yet; it was an important part of our application that we had lived together for 12 months before applying so we actually held off submitting our application until that was the case.

I think what is required is that you have been in a defacto partnership for the 12 months preceding the application and living together is the easiest and most effective way of showing this. If you haven't been living together then you have to gather as much evidence to show that you have been in an exclusive partnership for 12 months+; and I would definitely get your relationship registered in this case.

I would also recommend calling up the immigration helpline to check what you should do in any circumstance that doesn't completely fit the criteria they require. You will be on hold for while but every operator I spoke to was very helpful. I think I called immigration about 10 times before submitting to verify details etc... Better safe than sorry!

Are you applying for an offshore visa?

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Hello everyone,

My onshore subclass 820/801 thru Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300, is granted in one day.

I applied by post in Parramatta on June 3, 2014, acknowledged to have received it by Aus Immigration in Sydney on June 04, 2014, visa grant date is June 5, 2014. Actualy it is one day short of my birthday which is June 6, That was an unexpected gift to me.

I want to share with you the tips if anyone is willing. Anyhow, I also got the idea of the presentation of docs from a member in this site. The applicant is British,26 years old and his sponsor is Australian also 26 years old. But, don't get me wrong, I am 58 as applicant(Filipino) and my sponsor is 63(Australian). Every applicationis different in every respect but the basic presentation is always the same. It was a guide but a very helpful guide.

To all members here who contributed their thoughts and experiences, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, you have helped me a lot in my prearation. To the moderator, College Girl, and to others, thank you for sharing your ideas and for this site.

To those wating, it will come,just be patient.

To Imac366,your tips on the presentation did a lot in my preparation. I followed your style but modified some since we have different scenarios. True to your speculation, your presentation style is accurately vivid to anyone who will see and evaluate the application. I guess and I believed good presentation makes it easier for them to assess.

Thank you IMAC366.
That is such great news! Well done you!! I haven't check on this forum for about a year and I just hopped on as a friend of mine is just about to go through the process and I wanted to send them a link to this to help them out. Seeing your comment has literally made my day! Congrats on the visa! (Even though this reply is over a year late... :) )

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lmac - It's not uncommon to get a very fast result when applying from Prospective Marriage Visa to 820. If your friend is NOT applying from a Prospective Marriage Visa, they should expect to wait 12 to 15 months.
Hey :) My friends are applying for the onshore partner visa. They have a similar relationship timeline to us so I've got my fingers crossed for them getting a temp visa quickly!

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Hi everyone. I am also in the process of collating all the required documents for subclass 820. I would like to clarify what's on the check list: It says that 'applicant should have an adequate health insurance in Australia'. Does this mean that I need to have a private health first such as joining medibank before I could lodge the application? I believe that one can apply in medicare once the acknowledgement letter from this visa has been received.

Can someone please enlighten me with this.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thanking in advance

Hey Leafcat!

You could check to see if the your country has a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement with Australia. I am from the UK so I was covered by medicare over here meaning taking out private health was optional. If you are already in Australia on any kind of visa and your country has a healthcare agreement you are eligible for a medicare card :)
If not, it might be a case of taking out private health insurance. If I were you, I would give immigration a call to confirm (I called them about 20 times while prepping my visa app and spent far too many hours on hold but it was worth it in the long run!)

Hope this helps :)
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