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Partner Visa 820 Evidence

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Hello all :) I am looking to apply online today for the 820 visa and having a final last minute freak out about our evidence, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about how strong our evidence seems, I know there are posts regarding visa evidence already and they have been amazingly helpful! but just looking for more up to date advice, the only part of the visa I feel we are a little light on is the financial evidence, as I am here on a visitor visa and have been for the last 9 months or so and my partner has supported me I'm finding it nerve wracking to prove we do share our finances

here is what we will be including:

financial evidence:
4 months worth of Joint bank account statements from when we worked and lived in new zealand from feb 2017

Highlighted statements from each of our sole accounts when both of us have each paid for flights, room bookings, dinners out, activities etc.

Original bank opening letters showing we have opened up a joint account in Australia in preparation for when I am able to work.

Screenshots of joint savings accounts for future travel and house deposit

Proof that I am a cardholder and signatory on my partners sole bank account

Receipts of grocery and household expenditures.

Just wondering if you have been in the same situation or if you think they will understand us being a bit light on the financials as I was unable to work

Thanks so much in advance :)
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