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Hi all,

I would like to ask is there anyone has the experience about Name mismatching when applying for the visa?

I am going apply for partner visa 820 with my husband. He is holding PR subclass 189. The problem is his name on the visa mismatch with all his identification documents (ID, utility bills, bank and etc).

For example:
- Name on Visa is: Given name: X H Last name: H
- Name on identification document: Given name: H X Last name: H

It is kind of wrong order and common Vietnamese people issue.
So my questions are:
- which name should I use when filling the forms, the name on Visa or the name on the identification?
- Does he need to change his name on all identification documents to match with his visa first?
- When I fill out the 47 form, I saw there is a place asking "Is there other ways to spell your name?"... So Do I just need to fill 2 ways to spell my husband name

Thank you in advance and I am sorry if my questions make you confuse :D:D:D
If I were you, I will try and get it fix ASAP if it bothers you.
My husband had a similar issue with his date of birth when his subclass 309 was granted.
We had to contact immigration to get it fix .
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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