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Hi All,

My partner and I are exploring our options for next year in regards to a partner visa.

Background: Shes Brasilian and im Australian (QLD), she studied here several years ago, and we met last year whilst she was here visiting friends on a subsequent Visitor Visa. We entered into a relationship during this time and began travelling together.

In April this year she came back to live with me for 3 months on a visitor visa, during this time we registered our relationship in QLD. We departed for a trip to south america together and have been living in our own campervan for the past 6 months.

Initially we planned to apply off-shore and just deal with the headache of separation for the duration.

However, after reading a lot of threads on here it would seem a lot of people are coming in on a tourist visa and then gaining a bridging visa whilst waiting for the onshore application to be processed.

This would have been great, however our trip wont finish until June - July and her passport expires anyway, so she has had to renew her passport meaning her current tourist visa is no longer valid.

This leaves us with looking at either applying offshore sooner rather than later, or trying to get another tourist visa without a "no further stay" on it.

I know the latter is not the right way to do things but it seems quite common.

Does anybody have any information or background on applying for a tourist visa whilst in a registered relationship? Would it pretty much cement a NFS on her visa? Or does that not contribute to it. Shes had 2 student visas, and 3 tourist visa's with no issues, but we are worried about applying and her getting a NFS, and are unsure whether we should apply for the offshore ASAP.

Sorry for the essay.

Thanks in advance :D
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