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Partner Visa - long distance relationship, enough evidence?

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Hi there,

first of all, its really nice to see, that people helping each other here in this forum! And good to know that there are lots of people out there in the same situation, than me and my partner :)

We need some help with the Partner Visa! We would like to apply for it in Berlin, but we are not sure, because we are missing some proofs, like shared bank account, apartment contract, bills etc.

I'd like to explain our situation:
Nov 08: met in Australia (WHV). My family met him already in Dez. and we spent xmas and NYE all together.
Jan 09: in a relationship, lived together in one room in a shared house in Australia until August 2009. We don't have any contract for this house as a proof, just letters, that family, bank and friends have send to me or my partner.
Aug 09: I had to go back to Germany, because of my studies.
2010: we could see each other just for holidays in Europe, because of my studies and his job.
Aug 11: he came to Germany (can proof it booth).

Aug 11-Jan 12: 3 weeks after our holidays in Germany, I went to Australia for 6months to study there, I moved in his new (shared) house.
From this time we are officially talking about a "de facto relationship", because everything got even more serious and we committed to each other (we are not engaged). He has a contract for the house and receives all the bills. I dont have a contract fpr this time and my partner payed my bills + rent. I just have mails addressed to me or him.
During this period we spend again xmas, NYE together with my brother and did some trips (can proof it).
For this 6 months I took out a loan just for living with him for 6 months (study fees etc.)!

Aug 12: 3 weeks holiday together in Italy with his family, we went together to a wedding of his best friend (he was the best man), stayed in hotels, his aunts house etc.

Coming to the point:
We are in a "de facto relationship" since one year, lived together for 6months and spend 3 more weeks in Italy.
(But lived already together in 14 monts in total.)
We don't have a shared account (because we both knew, I need to finish my studies in Germany and it wouldn't make sense, open one now).
But we shared our finances, because he paid my rent while I was in Australia, I paid his flight tickets, grocery etc. We can proof this on our bank statements. And we don't have any contracts for our time living together in his house, bills etc.

We have a lot of friends, who can proof everything, we also had heaps of contact via skype and whatsapp, birthday cards, valentines day presents and so on…

We wanted to register our relationship, but I m still in Germany til my graduation in Oktober.

Our worries are, that we don't have enough evidence and would like to ask you for your opinion or ideas. Maybe you were in the same situation?
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Hi Jazzyfizzle,

thanks for your reply!
Yes, he s in NSW.
We will have a look regarding the relationship registration. Cause a wittness (notar, etc.) needs to sign it as well.

Getting a sat. decl. from the landlords gonna be hard in our case, almost impossible.

But, I agree! I should maybe study another half a year in Sydney and apply for the Partner Visa after maybe 5 months. (Again spending lots of money, when does this stop!?)

If I go back to Australia with the student visa and I'm applying for the Partner Visa after a while, I will get an bridging visa right? Am I able to work with this visa? So from that day, I could stop studying!?
How it would be with the tourist visa? Am I have the right to work with the bridging visa after having a tourist visa?

I would prefer the student visa, but I should think about every option ;)
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Hey Jazzyfizzle,

how did you go at the end?
I'm unfortunately still in Germany, saving up some money but planing to leave in about 6months.
How much you paid for your studies? Did you already apply for the de facto visa? How did you go? Any tipps?

I'm slowly starting to look for a course (3months) to get a student visa....

I'm really looking forward to your reply :)
waiting since december, thats a long time, but at least you are on the bridging visa and you can work!?
How did you go with the studies before? Where and how long did you study at the end? I'd love to hear your whole story!

I wanted to send you a private message, but couldnt find this function...
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