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Hi All,

My husband is currently on a visitor visa subclass 600. His visa expires in 2 months. The visa he is on is the following:
Subclass 600
-12 months from date of each arrival mult entries
-conditions are only no work and max 3 months study

We plan to settle and stay in Australia. I am an Australian citizen. On 13th of August 2017 (the date of application) I already sponsored a previous partner/defacto and our relationship broke down in 2018. Now this is my second and final time to sponsor my current husband. I am aware of the 5 year rule and I know the clock starts from the first application I made 13/8/2017. I am wanting to know whether I should apply for another visitor visa for my hubby or apply for the partner visa onshore however I could be taking a risk of being denied if processed quicker than next year before 5 years 13/08/2021. He is a US citizen.

Also, the grant date must surpass 5 years at the time, is this for the 820 or 801 finalised?

Very confused and do not know what options to go for as I do not want to be refused, but since our relationship is longstanding do you think it is possible I as a sponsor will be able to get a limitation waiver ?
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