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Partner Visa Process - Help!

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Hello All

I lodged my partner visa in April 2017 without an agent and onshore. I have not been issued 820 yet, only Bridging Visa A.

I uploaded main supporting documents within around 3 months of lodging (Forms 888, our letters, pictures, timeline of relationship etc).

I reviewed my application and uploaded all further required evidence as outlined in the checklist in June 2018.

I have just completed my health assessment mid August 2018.

As far as I am aware, we have uploaded all required information however I have just spoken with immigration, who said all documentation should only be uploaded 2 years after lodgement i.e. April 2019.

1) Have we lodged this application correct? If incorrect should I be concerned?

2) Am I right in thinking that when granting 820, if the application is complete, they may be able to grant 801 on the spot too?

Starting to wish I had gone through an agent...! We had done a lot of research before lodging and thought we had to upload documentation straight away. Hopefully this won't be too detrimental :(

Thank you, Bonnie
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Best not to speak to anyone at immigration for advice. 9 times out of 10 someone posts some bit of info they got from calling immigration and it's not only wrong but contradicted by their own website, and they're not responsible for what you do with the information.
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