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Partner Visa Process - Help!

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Hello All

I lodged my partner visa in April 2017 without an agent and onshore. I have not been issued 820 yet, only Bridging Visa A.

I uploaded main supporting documents within around 3 months of lodging (Forms 888, our letters, pictures, timeline of relationship etc).

I reviewed my application and uploaded all further required evidence as outlined in the checklist in June 2018.

I have just completed my health assessment mid August 2018.

As far as I am aware, we have uploaded all required information however I have just spoken with immigration, who said all documentation should only be uploaded 2 years after lodgement i.e. April 2019.

1) Have we lodged this application correct? If incorrect should I be concerned?

2) Am I right in thinking that when granting 820, if the application is complete, they may be able to grant 801 on the spot too?

Starting to wish I had gone through an agent...! We had done a lot of research before lodging and thought we had to upload documentation straight away. Hopefully this won't be too detrimental :(

Thank you, Bonnie
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