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My husband will need to renew his passport in 2021. We have some travel planned in the next year which will require a longer validity so we need to renew quite a bit earlier.

My husband will be going back to his home country of Austria in January 2020 for a couple of months and it would be easy to renew it there. If he is on a BVB (while waiting for the 820 decision and out of the country), what will happen to that visa? Will it automatically be attached to his new passport? Will he be able to enter on the new passport and the BVB? Will his old one still work?

Alternatively, he could apply for the new passport here in Australia when he returns. What happens then to his visa attached to the old passport? Will it carry on with his new one?

Lastly, we plan to go on a work/holiday trip to another country in November 2020 for about 5-7 months to further our careers. It will have been 17 months since we first applied for the 820 visa. Assuming we still haven't been allocated a case officer, is it possible that the BVA might not be granted? And what happens if they want to make a decision on the visa while he is out of the country?

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