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I hope I am in the right place to ask these questions. If not, I would really appreciate being directed to the correct place if there is one. :)

I am currently in Australia on a provisional partner visa (subclass 309), and I will be up for consideration for the permanent partner visa (subclass 100) in mid-April. I received mail requesting more information about a month ago, and this letter tells me when I can start submitting the paperwork.

Anyway, I had a few questions about that if anyone is able to answer them:

1) Does my provisional (309) visa expire exactly 2 years after its initial lodgement date?

2) Will I automatically be granted a bridging visa when my provisional expires or when the paperwork for my permanent visa is being evaluated?
Does that visa have all of the same rights as my provisional visa (e.g. the right to enter and leave Australia as many times as I like)?

3) Perhaps most importantly, is there a deadline for submitting my new paperwork for the permanent (100) visa?
Is this deadline the date exactly 2 years after my initial lodgement date or am I allowed more time?
What happens if you do not submit the paperwork by the deadline?

Thank you in advance very much for your answers!
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