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I m really confused and depressed :confused::(

I will apply for 175 visa subclass but I don't know how to pay the VAC.

We don't have international credit card and niether international money order

I am from Magreb and I would like to know if it's possible to go to Australian embassy in Cairo to pay the VAC (2575 AUD) and then go back to my home country to send the paper application fee??

PLEASE, is there any person can help me.

I sent queries to australian embassy in cairo and then answered with a general mail:.


If your enquiry concerns general information on visa applications and
Australian citizenship, please refer to the Department of Immigration
and Citizenship
(DIAC) website: Department of Immigration & Citizenship This includes Visa Wizard to assist
you in finding the most appropriate visa to apply for and the
Citizenship Wizard to assist you understand which type of application
for Australian citizenship suits your personal circumstances. .

The website also enables you to download visa application forms, and
explains where applications are to be lodged. It also provides details
of visa requirements and indicates where enquiries on applications can
be made.

Sponsors and proposers living in Australia are encouraged to contact the
department's national telephone service enquiry line on 131881.

Immigration and Citizenship, Australian Embassy Cairo is open:

· Sunday to Thursday 9:00am -10:30am for general visa enquiries and
lodgement of migration, visitor and citizenship applications, for
evidencing visas granted in Australia and certifying documents related
to an Australian visa applications.
· Monday to Wednesday 12:00pm - 1:00pm for refugee and humanitarian
· Sunday 12.30pm - 1.30pm for lodgement of student applications.

Contact details:
Immigration and Citizenship
Australian Embassy Cairo
12 floor World Trade Centre
Boulac, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone no.(202) 2578-0650
Fax no. (202) 2578 1636

Immigration and Citizenship will be closed for public holidays on the
following days:
24 & 25 April 2011, 24 July 2011, 30 & 31 August 2011, 9 October 2011,
6, 7 & 8 November 2011, 25 & 26 December 2011.

1-You may engage the services of TNT or its agents to send your
application and the visa application charges to this office.

2-Mailed or couriered applications from Maghreb countries, Libya and
Sudan maybe paid in US Dollars by bank cheque drawn on an American Bank
which has a branch in New York and made payable to "The Australian
Embassy Cairo". When paying in USD, please include an additional 10 USD
for bank charges per cheque,

3-For applicants living in Sudan you may engage the services of DHL to
send your application and visa application charge to this office.

4-Visa application charges can be paid in one of the Department of
Immigration and Citizenship offices in Australia or at the Immigration
and Citizenship Australian Embassy in Cairo.

Transit visa: no VAC
Visitor (Tourist) and Business short-stay: 620 EGP cash or110 USD
Students: 3,270 EGP cash or 565 USD cheques.
Temporary Residence: 1,570 EGP cash or 275 USD cheques.
Family Migration including Partners: 10,300 EGP cash or 1,790 USD
Resident Return: 1,540 EGP cash or 270 USD cheques.
Carer: 6290 EGP cash or 1,090 USD cheques.
Citizenship by Descent: 710 EGP cash or 125 USD cheques.

Migration applications will be acknowledged by letter. Receipts will
also be issued for any visa application charge and passports.

Please note that the Embassy and its clients have experienced delays or
non-delivery of mailed items received from outside of Egypt, and that
such difficulties may continue to occur. As a result, clients should be
aware that lengthy delays or even non-delivery of mailed items can
sometimes occur.

To minimise the risk of experiencing delays or the non-delivery of your
mail to the Embassy, we recommend that you engage the services of an
internationally reputable courier company which will guarantee a door-
to-door service to the Embassy.

Applicants from the Maghreb countries should not provide their passports
when applying for a temporary entry visa as it is prohibited by their
government to send passports in the mail. A label free visa may be
granted and a grant letter will be issued to facilitate travel.

· For Transit, Tourist (Visitor) and Business short-stay visas allow up
to one week;
· For Student allow up to 12 weeks;
· Temporary Residence visas allow up to 8 weeks; and
· For all other visas including migration allow up to nine months.

Processing times vary due to processing procedures, the visa class you
apply for, case specific issues and bona fides concerns. We regret that
we are unable to advise you of a definitive decision date. Applicants
will be notified once a decision has been made or when further
documentation is required. Applicants are strongly advised not to make
travel arrangements until they receive written advice from the Visa
Office that their visa has been granted.

If you wish to support a visa application lodged by another person,
please send your letter of support directly to the applicant to lodge
with their application. This office will not hold letters/documents of
support pending lodgement of applications.

You may apply for a Tourist (Visitor) - Subclass 676 visa in Cairo.

If you wish to visit a close family member in Australia some applicants
may wish to apply under the Sponsored Visitor (subclass 679) visa
program. See .

Some eligible passport holders may apply for an Electronic Travel
Authority on-line by visiting Department of Immigration & Citizenship or from airlines or travel
agencies, there are three types of ETAs Visitor/Tourist, Business long
validity and Business short validity

For your marriage to be recognised by the Australian Government it must
be first registered in your home country. If your sponsor has obtained
a religious divorce in Australia but has not obtained a civil divorce
from the Australian Family Court then it is not possible to sponsor you
as a Partner to Australia. For prospective spouses you and your spouse
must both be free to marry by law.

Foreign citizens, including Australian citizens can get married in Egypt
at the Ministry of Justice. Contact details are: 3 Lazoughli Square,
Ministry of Justice New Building, Garden City, Cairo, Tel. (+202)

Foreign citizens must provide to the Ministry of Justice a Certificate
of No Impediment (CNI) to marry. For Australians a CNI can be obtained
from the Consular Section of the Australian Embassy.

Applications may be lodged at the:
Offshore Humanitarian Processing Centre (OHPC),
GPO Box 9984,
Sydney, NSW Australia 2001.

The OHPC will acknowledge and assess your application and depending on
the circumstances, refer your application to this office for
finalisation. Humanitarian applicants should direct their enquiries
with regard to the status of their application to their proposer.
Applicants and proposers can also contact:
[email protected].

All General Skilled Visa Applications are lodged and processed at the
Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre (ASPC) in Australia. This Office is
unable to provide advice on General Skills Visa Migration questions.
Please check out our website Department of Immigration & Citizenship, or (
Professionals and other Skilled Migrants - Workers - Visas & Immigration) for
information on:

· processing times;
· visa application charges;
· how to make pre lodged and post lodgement enquiries; and
· Recognition of overseas skills and qualifications.

People our business

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If you read the message you were sent, it clearly says you can pay in Cairo:

4-Visa application charges can be paid in one of the Department of
Immigration and Citizenship offices in Australia or at the Immigration
and Citizenship Australian Embassy in Cairo.

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If you read the message you were sent, it clearly says you can pay in Cairo:

4-Visa application charges can be paid in one of the Department of
Immigration and Citizenship offices in Australia or at the Immigration
and Citizenship Australian Embassy in Cairo.
Hello Aussie Girl,

What was stated ( i mean "Visa application charges can be paid in one of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship offices in Australia or at the Immigration
and Citizenship Australian Embassy in Cairo
.) is applicable for all kind of visas( including GSM) or only Transit visa,Visitor (Tourist) and Business short-stay,Students, Temporary Residence, Family Migration including Partners and Resident Return ??!!

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From what I can see, it seems to mean all visas. But, if you want to find out for sure I suggest you call the embassy in Cairo and find out for sure.
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