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PMV 300 paid, collating documents now

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Hi guys, thought I would share our progress so far;

Jan 22 2018 - Lodged application, paid $7,000.
Jan 22 2018 - Biometrics, Medical requested
Jan 23 2018 - Biometrics, Medical done

Ongoing - document attachment and collection

Once we have all the documents attached, we shall submit our application.

Question: Im suprised that the medical has been requested the same day after we lodged/paid the application. Is that normal? Ive read from others that it has been requested few days/weeks after the lodging.
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I am curious, how did you get the medical appointment so fast...
So am I!

Im starting to think that the medical will be requested automatically as soon as the application is lodged. We need to hear from others to verify this.
You should attach your evidence & documents ASAP. As you have already paid your application is submitted & a decision can be made on what you have uploaded.
My status is "information requested" although im done with the biometrics and medical, unless I click "information provided" they won't start processing it.

Also, the sponsor's application will only start after the payment of the main applicant's application which I assume the department knows that it's going to take time for the sponsor to fill it out.
I would check with an agent who knows this for sure. The new rules that came in in November said that an application could be assessed by what is provided when lodged.
I went to my immiaccount and checked it;

This application requires additional supporting documentation. Please check correspondence and attach the requested documents.

By clicking on the 'Information Provided' button you acknowledge that the Department may proceed to make a decision on the application. Not clicking the 'Information Provided' button in no way lengthens or overrides the period specified in the correspondence.
Can you give a link for the recent changes? I tried to look for it but couldnt find any. Thanks.
In the Philippines the medical link appears very quickly, but then you need to make an appointment with one of just a few medical centres. I think it took us a couple of weeks to even get an appointment. But it was a 3 hr trip to get there, and quite a few hours waiting. Needed a hotel for the night.
I see. makes sense. I am based in Dubai.

We got the biometric and medical requests around 7pm Dubai time, then I booked the necessary appointments. Luckily, there are slots the next day for both.
I would think that information provided is in relation to the medical & police clearances which have been requested.
All other evidence & Documents is up to you to provide ASAP after lodging application.
Can't provide the link but I did read it on this forum. Poorly documented applications can be refused without the request for further information. This was what was on my application when I lodged. I've had advice from this forum & others to have all evidence apart from Medical/police uploaded within a quick time frame. I did all my uploads the same day I submitted but it took me months of research & preparation to have it all ready to go.
Thanks for the information.

All my requirements are ready before we have submitted it. It took me three weeks to gather all, that was me doing it every night and every day (I was the one who gathered our relationship evidences) and I have now uploaded everything from my side.

So now, my fiance still have not uploaded anything but his requirements are quite easy which can be done in one day except for the top three things --- NOIM, Two stat decs.

Im not sure how long will my fiance prepare the NOIM and Two stat decs but how "quick" are we talking about here? I believe this is doable in one week but if they mean after a couple of days upon submission......
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