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PMV 300 paid, collating documents now

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Hi guys, thought I would share our progress so far;

Jan 22 2018 - Lodged application, paid $7,000.
Jan 22 2018 - Biometrics, Medical requested
Jan 23 2018 - Biometrics, Medical done

Ongoing - document attachment and collection

Once we have all the documents attached, we shall submit our application.

Question: Im suprised that the medical has been requested the same day after we lodged/paid the application. Is that normal? Ive read from others that it has been requested few days/weeks after the lodging.
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We did almost all the uploads within 4 days of starting the application. Like you we did the preparations over the months prior.
We missed one, but were asked for it later.

That is the one change now, they may not ask for anything, and just make a decision.
We made the decision to move to Australia back in July, figured we could lodge by September...then October, November, December...and now here we are in January, 90% done and hoping to lodge this month.

This place is a life saver.
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