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PMV 300 paid, collating documents now

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Hi guys, thought I would share our progress so far;

Jan 22 2018 - Lodged application, paid $7,000.
Jan 22 2018 - Biometrics, Medical requested
Jan 23 2018 - Biometrics, Medical done

Ongoing - document attachment and collection

Once we have all the documents attached, we shall submit our application.

Question: Im suprised that the medical has been requested the same day after we lodged/paid the application. Is that normal? Ive read from others that it has been requested few days/weeks after the lodging.
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You should attach your evidence & documents ASAP. As you have already paid your application is submitted & a decision can be made on what you have uploaded.
I would check with an agent who knows this for sure. The new rules that came in in November said that an application could be assessed by what is provided when lodged.
I would think that information provided is in relation to the medical & police clearances which have been requested.
All other evidence & Documents is up to you to provide ASAP after lodging application.
Can’t provide the link but I did read it on this forum. Poorly documented applications can be refused without the request for further information. This was what was on my application when I lodged. I’ve had advice from this forum & others to have all evidence apart from Medical/police uploaded within a quick time frame. I did all my uploads the same day I submitted but it took me months of research & preparation to have it all ready to go.
Technically they could make a decision anytime. I would get it done ASAP just in case. $7000 is a lot of money to risk. The Documents you’re talking about are must haves & extremely important to your application.
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