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PMV 300 Sponsor self employed

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Greetings members!

This forum has been a valuable source of information to me so far, so a quick thanks to all mods and users.

My question regards the sponsors application section for my fiance's PMV 300 offshore application (Hong Kong for anyone interested). I have searched for posts relevant but have not found any yet.

I've been a self employed sole trader/contractor working offshore for the past 2 years. I've been a bit naughty and neglected my tax returns for this time but after learning about the government debt question i have reached out to an accountant to begin putting my tax in order to 'arrange to make payments' so i can satisfy this part (Please tell me ive done the right thing! i hope this will be enough to pass that question)

What else should i expect to be asked or have to prove in the online application regarding my employment, income or finances?
Am i right to believe there are no real financial requisites to be a sponsor for a PMV300?
i just want an idea of what will be asked of me regarding employment or income and how to put my best foot forward on the sponsors section

any information i can get will no doubt get me better prepared for when my fiance hits the submit application button.

Any answers or advice are greatly appreciated,
like most i find the whole process a bit scary and quite stressful!

Thanks in advance to any who can answer my questions
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Currently , there is no income test for a sponsor.
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