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PMV Application check please

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Hi there

Finally after 2.5 years my Fiance has his divorce so we are just about ready to go.

We will include all identity documents, form 80 & 3 form 888 from Aussies plus 1 from his sister, police checks

Other things we have are
6-8 page Relationship statements covering the topics required
14 pages of photos us in various locations & with family & friends
Telephone records, skype & FB calls
FB Comments on our relationship
NOIM & celebrant letter
Travel documents, seperately & joint
Divorce papers & previous marriage certificate
Joint invitations
Proof of joint account

Is there anything I'm missing? TIA
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Sounds good. Make sure you both do police checks.
I have mine from AFP & he will be applying in UK for his on the weekend :)
Deleted. Found answer.
Is 15 pages with 6 photos per page really too much? I,m covering a 3.5 year LDR so thought photos would be a big evidence for us.

I have captioned the photos with who's in them & where, with date range at top of page. Thy mainly are us at various locations here & in UK along with family & friends. They also match up with the way we have written our statements.

They are combined into 1 PDF under 5 MB so it'll only be 1 upload.
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We also were in a LDR for 3 years when we applied for PMV, I think we uploaded maybe 15 photos. I named who was in photo and where we were and put next to their name that they supplied us with a form 888, if they did so.
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Have managed to cut the photos down from 120 on 15 pages to 41 photos & on 8 pages. Phew that was hard work lol
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