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Pmv to Partner

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Hi All,

My partner and I will be applying for her Partner visa online in the next few weeks.
She is coming from a PMV(paper application) to the 820/801.
We have married and I have the official marriage certificate from the NSW government.
Unless we move I am unable to get her added to the rental agreement. We have joint bank accounts, she has not found work( probably from the short duration of the PMV as her english is pretty good) so she could not get her own post paid mobile and it went in my name. The only things with her name would be the joint account and TFN letter.

Beside two more 888 forms, what other evidence do they require?
Exact information needed going from PMV to a Partner visa is quite scarce. I really wish they had a PMV to Partner Checklist, or even a Checklist for the online application so we may organize everything.
Do we need to get her police checks done again? Should we submit the same evidence as the PMV? Update our Statements of our relationship to include our daily life together?
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You pretty much submit the same stuff from the PMV but updated evidences from the time the 300 was granted. Don't worry too much about a lot of evidence... some people apply for the 820/801 from 300 within a couple of months so they don't have much difference in evidence anyway, and it certainly won't be assessed as a straight 820/801 app.

Don't worry about new police checks unless they ask for it.

New Form 888s, new statements (you have to do the online apps again anyway so the boxes are your statements or you can write new ones), relationship evidence and anything new since the 300 grant, marriage certificate, all the IDs again, etc.

Should be pretty easy if you kept all the stuff from the 300.

You need to apply online now. Most people think they need certified copies but you don't. Just upload clear color scans of everything.
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Don't forget your partner is eligible for Medicare as soon as you have applied for the 820/801.
I have almost everything from the 300.
Just to be safe while we are in vietnam in march we will get a new police check as she must be the one to apply for it, she said her own mother cannot apply on her behalf, besides that i also need to get the copies of her family book to upload with her application.

The only thing I have for her identity is her passport and bank card.
And I'm guessing that her medical is linked to the PMV so she shouldnt be asked to complete a second one.

Send email.

Dear Landlord (Rental Agency),

My wife (then use name) and I recently married, and are living together at (name the property). Do we need to include her name on the lease? or to just advise you that she is living here?

It did not seem clear in our rental agreement, so just want some clarification on the matter.

**Send email, it will not matter what they reply - but what ever they reply is evidence that she lives there and it is known by others she is your wife.
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