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I'm South Korean and my fiance is Australian

I stayed in AUS for 2 years and we've been seeing each other for 1 years and a half

and we lived together for 3 months and I had to get back to my home country because my visa has expired

so he visited my country and stayed for a month.

he proposed to me during his trip, which was few weeks ago and we will apply for PMV visa in shortly.

so we tried to collect all the avidences to prove our relactionship for this but

we don't really have many avidences

have no proper pictures with his family and friends (only indivisual ones)

only with my friends and my family

maybe we have only 20 pictures of us for last year, 10 pictures for this year

chatlog for only this year.... only some screenshots from last year chating

no engage ring.. no engage events .. not many transection history to each other...

he paid for the house while we were living together so have no proof that we really lived together

( because bloody visa fee is too expensive, we will pay for the visa 50 / 50 )

birthday gifts( No reciept :( ) , cards from other people, mails,

4 of 888 forms and 2 statements from my family can cover it ? :(

because Prospective Marriage Visa is future-looking visa?

I'd like to hear your guys think

thanks in advence .. :) <3
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