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Hello All,

I am ICT Business Analyst with 6+ years of Experience. I am 31 year old Holding B. Tech degree.

My current Points are: 55

30 - Age
10 - Relevant Experience (Assessed from ACS)
15 - Degree

If I got 10 points from IELTS (7 each) then My points would be 65.

Now, ICT Business Analyst require minimum 70 points for invitation (I heard from news).

My Question is, Can I claim 5 points from my spouse?

She is 28 year old. She is Dentist. Her skilled assessment is positive from Australian Dental Council. She has 6 band each in IELTS.

or She has to pass Australian Dental Council exam to claim 5 points?

Means, 5 points based on only skill assessment or registration require in this case?

Please help me!

Thanks in Advance!

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