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Police Clarence From China

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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and wish if somebody can help me with my situation in obtaining PCC from China.

My wife was working in China from 2015 to 2017. Her visa and work permit were issued from Shanghai as the headquarter of her company is in Shanghai. However, the employer allocated her to work in the other branch in another city which is Shaoxing (near Shanghai).

I contact an agency called visainchina to get her PCC, but they issued her PCC from Shanghai (covering the whole period) as her visa and work permit were issued from Shanghai not Shaoxing.

DIAC web site mentions clearly that they need PCC from each city in china where the applicant were resided.

Will the case officer accept this PCC from Shanghai or they will ask from Shaoxing were she was living. Note: the agent told me it is impossible to get her PCC from Shaoxing, because her visa and work permit from Shanghai.

Anyone had similar issue before?

Thanks in Advance
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Hi ,
Anyone could help ?
I was in shanghai china for 3 years been working but I couldn't get my police Clarence in China due to some missing Documents from the notary office shanghai,
I and my ex employer have given a letter to the DIBP mentioning the situation and mentioning I have no Criminal records in china ,
At least you have provided a non criminal record I haven't But I am still locking for an agent to get one in china ,
Hi I used the service of one agent in Shanghai named visainchina . They charge a huge amount of money, but they are fast, Try to contact them.

Good Luck!
It would be nearly impossible for you get one for Shaoxing unless you have connections.
True it is impossible :(
If it stated clearly that your wife had no criminal record in CHINA rather than in SH during that period then the PCC issued in SH will suffice I think.

For Chinese applicants, the PCC could only be obtained from their Hukou(hope you understand this term as it's difficult to explain) location rather than their residence city.

One of my Chinese friends lived in SH over 10 years but she only got her PCC from her hometown (where her Hukou is) and now she has 820visa granted.

Hope it helps.
Thanks a lot for your reply. yes it was mentioned in the PCC that she has no criminal record in CHINA not SH. Hope it will work.
Thanks I have already contacted an agency I think its the same ( visa in China ) yeah its bit expensive and they said with in 14 days they will get back to me ,
Hopefully next week 🙏🏻
Good luck!
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