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Hi everyone,

I posted before regarding with some issue whether to get the 820 coz my partner doesnt have a job yet but we are still gathering evidences if ever we will lodge one soon.

I just want to ask from people who tried this before or who has knowledge with Partner Visa if our evidences is still not enough

For me ( Applicant)
*Birth Certificate
*Certified Copy of Passport
*Statutory Declaration of the nature of our Relationship from my own view
*Passport photo

*Birth Certificate
*Passport Photo
*Statutory Declaration of the nature of our relationship from his own view

Proof of Genuine Relationship
*Form 888 from his brother and Mother which is AU citizen
*Cards and Letters
*Photos of us from start of relationship till now
*Screenshots of our conversation and skype logs while we were apart between some month of 2016-2017
*Centrelink recognized me as his partner ( he is accepting centrelink because he is still applying for job)
*Registered Relationship

Household Evidence
*Lease while he was still in PH
*Photos of our room with us while in PH
*Photos of our room here in Aus to prove that we are sleeping in one room
*Letters from government (for him) sent in our address
*Letters from my insurance sent in our address
(WE dont have letters with both of our names that is address to us)
*Statement from his mum as to why we are living with her and that we do share household at her house

Financial Commitment
*His bank Statement while he was still in PH (but not joint)
!!(Can i include any proof that he was working while he was in PH?)
!!(Is it okay to include his own bank statement here in AUS because we dont have joint Account yet coz i dont work and i dont have any income while i am here)
*Receipts of money he sent to me while we were apart
*Receipts of his purchase for me while here in AUS
*Statement from his mum that willing to help us financially if ever needs to *Statement from my partner that he applies jobs

Social Commitment
*Photos with friends and Family
*Statement from my friends and family to prove that relationship is genuine and continuing while we are in PH though not AU citizen

Anything you could advise regarding our proof? Do you guys think that it is shallow?

Thanks xx
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