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Need help preparing for PMV

Hi. Hopefully I've posted in the right place. :confused:
I'm hoping to apply for the PMV 300 in the next few weeks, but I'd like to double check I have everything before I apply.

Few things about us:
I (applicant) live in the UK, and my partner (sponsor) lives in Australia. We're both 20, and have been together since 2014. We first started speaking around January 2014, and we got together June. June 2015 we met for the first time on our anniversary and I visited him in Australia. I stayed for about 2 months. I met all of his family there and we stayed at his parents house. Around May my partners mum, nan and sister came to the UK to meet up with some of their relatives. They stayed 1 night at my house so they could meet my mum and we spent the day together and visited some tourist attractions in Wales. After they went home, my partner visited me, and we stayed at my house with my mum. (She's my only family I speak to so he basically met my whole family too).

We didn't really have a proper engagement. More along the lines of him suggesting it and me saying I'd like it too. Then that just turned into working out how we could do it.

What we've got so far:
Certified birth certificate (sponsor and applicant)
Certified Passport photos (sponsor and applicant)
Certified Passport ID page (sponsor and applicant)
Statements of our relationship (sponsor and applicant)
-how, when and where we first met
-how our relationship developed online and in person
-how we became engaged
-joint activities with our families and each other
-significant events in the relationship like dealing with death in the family
-our future plans
Proof of communication between us over KIK, Facebook and some Skype chats (My skype wouldn't allow me to go further than a day back in history)
Proof of us meeting and going places in Australia (photos, flight & hotel itinerary)
Proof of us meeting and going places in UK (photos, flight & hotel itinerary)
2 Certified statutory declarations (by partners/sponsors parents)
Signed letter and NOIM by marriage celebrant

Waiting on requests for:
Police check (sponsor and applicant)
Health check (sponsor and applicant)

Is there anything else I should include?
If not, please let me know :)

Thanks :)
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