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I am currently in bridging visa A applying for Protection visa .it's been a year without any news from immi even interview schedule.i haven't been refused yet.
The questions are
1. Can I go back to my country to visit family who is really sick? What proof should I attach ?
2. If I can't go back to my country ?Can I go to other country which is close by my country just to meet families?
3. If I can't go out of the Australia at all ...can I withdraw my protection application to change to partner visa because I met someone I love here ?

Thank you
1) Aren't you claiming prosecution or similar in your country? How would you be able to go back there?
2) It would depend on the conditions of your current visa and the claims for protection you have made.
3) Yes you can, but expect a lot of scrutiny. Furthermore, if you are on a bridging visa, you may have schedule 3 criteria to deal with.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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