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Hi Folks
I am Arun Vijay from India. I really appreciate the support that you lend to the people asking questions here.

I am an Electrical and Electronics Engg graduate(graduated May 2008) from one of the recognized universities under the subclass 476.I am presently working as a JAVA Programmer in an MNC in India .Now I have a few queries about this VISA.

What are low and high risk countries . Which category does India fall under?(couldn’t find this info anywhere)

Am I required to register with Engineers Australia association sooner or later for getting this VISA?

What about the prospects of an Electrical Engineering fresh man finding a job in the mining industry?

How is the IT industry looking in Australia. Please tell me your general views.

By reading through the posts I came to know that it takes at least 10 months on average for a CO to be assigned. But I found wanderer saying that there was an employee retraining program. I hope it must have been over by now. Is there any possibility for VISA applications being processed a little sooner.

Any idea about the acceptance/ rejection ratio?

I know it’s a lot of queries. But I am kind of super excited about moving to Australia. My friend told me about this VISA on 4th April .I applied for VISA the same day .I have already booked my IELTS on April 18th .Hope I will get this VISA and move to Australia soon.
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