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Hi experts and stalwarts,

I am trying to assess what visa and skilled occupation should I apply for. I have done engineering in electronics but my current work experience (less than 3 years), aligns more with a contract administrator profile.

Given I would not be able to claim points for work experience and I would have to largely depend upon relative sponsorship ( my sister lives in Adelaide) points to get ahead, I have 2 options:

1. Electronics engineer 489 or 189: what are the chances of obtaining positive skill assessment with mere CDR academics related episodes. And with a cap of 300 on the electronics engineer, any chance of getting an invite with 65 points?

2. Contract administrator: the immi site does not mention 489 (F) whereas, South Australia visa site mentions both 489 (F) and 489 (S/T). How can we determine which one holds true? I want to go for family sponsorship as that would get me past 65 points.

Would be really grateful to anyone who can clarify these. I am really stressing out.

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