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Dear Forum Members,

These questions are targeted for Indian expats who have settled down in this beautiful country of Australia.
Just a bit of mine and my wife's background (we both are planning to immigrate on a PR Visa). I am an IT Professional (Project Manager) and wife is an Architect. Both of us have over 11 years of experience in our fields. We have 2 kids below 6 years of age.
1) We are planning to take immigration services from Y-Axis here in Mumbai. Has anyone taken such service from either Y-Axis or other consultants ? What has been your experience ?

2) Is it advisable to do the PR visa process on our own?

Yup go for it.

3) How should we go about our immigration process...I mean PR Visa should be done first for one primary applicant OR for the entire family at the same time?

Entire family

4) Should I go first -> get a job -> get an apartment on rent etc. -> settle down with my job -> then call wife and kids ?

Yeah better come alone and see how it goes and than bring in your family.

5) How difficult it is to find school for kids migrating from India ? What is the admission criteria there ? Which pattern best describes the curriculum there ? (My daughter is following CBSE pattern here)

It's a bit difficult to find space in the school but at the end of the day you get it.

6) Which states do Indians find adaptable in terms of the overall climate, work, people, culture and educational & medical facilities ?

Come on, you are not moving from Switzerland :) all states are much better in Australia than any province in India. Just think you are moving from a third world poor country to a well developed country.

7) Which states have IT requirements in particular ?

All states if you are really skilled and know your domain well. Listen once in Australia you are gonna compete with the talent of the world and not just India.

That's it for now. I shall build up on my queries once forum members start replying to this thread.

All help is appreciated in advance.

Cheers :)
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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