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I cannot answer all your questions. I will just try to answer the ones which I know something about.

1. Y-axis - Not worked with them. Are they MARA agents?
2. You can do PR on your own if you are comfortable. Read through the procedures and steps in immigration website and understand the whole process. Having a good agent will help you in getting things done more quickly and the chances of you missing something are less. All said, I did my PR on my own without any problem but it took a lot of time going through everything.
3. All the family together. You all will get the PR at the same time. Otherwise, you will go through the whole process again for your family.
4. Since both you and your wife are working, it may make sense for both of you to search for a job. Arriving without a job is a little difficult as Australia is rather expensive. But looking for a job in Australia is easier than looking from India. A lot of companies don't bother communicating with overseas candidates. If you come here without a job, make sure you have enough money to last approximately 6 months.
5. No idea.
6. I am in Sydney and I absolutely love it here. Melbourne is another place where there are a lot of Indians settled comfortably. Brisbane is also fast appearing as a favored destination.
7. Depends on your skill set. Sydney and Melbourne offer most opportunities in general.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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