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Hi All
I recently posted about lodging off shore de facto to Australia House. I finally received an email today from I believe a Case Officer, (who knows it didn't really say).

He/She has marked with an 'X' things that I now need to do i.e. police checks:-

"Character requirements

X You must provide ORIGINAL police clearance certificate(s) for any
country lived for 12 months or more in the last 10 years. Provide the
following police clearances;

For the UK and Australia"

Firstly - They want a UK police check. I already sent a Subject Access police check in with my paperwork. Do I now take it that the office now requires a different type of document?

Secondly - They are asking for a Australian Police Check. Well I only lived in NSW from Feb to December 2010 and the the Partner Migration Booklet stated if you lived in any country for 12 months or more that you should provide one. Did I mis-understand that?

Thirdly - Birth Certificate - yep I can give them a certified copy.

Can anyone offer any advice on the above and the best way re the Aussie Police Check in case I really do need to do this.

Regards, Sonia
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