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Hi All,

Firstly, sorry about the long question. I am in urgent need of advise here. Thanks a lot for your help and time, really appreciate that!!

We applied for tourist visa (subclass 600) for my parents as they want to visit us for 6 months. One of them is suffering from CML (blood cancer) and is undergoing treatment with oral medications (only oral tablets, no other treatment). The high commission has responded with 'an invitation to comment' stating that 'THE APPLICANT DOES NOT MEET THE HEALTH REQUIREMENT'. Enclosed are snippets from their response letters*. Can someone please help us with answers for the following questions?

#1) We are going to respond back with a letter stating that we would not be using any medical facilities/pharmacy services/health care in Australia. We will be travelling with the medications required for the period of stay. We will also attach a letter from our doctor confirming these aspects. We will attach receipts showing that we already have purchased the required medications for our travel.
Are these details enough? Do you think we need to add any more details to our response?

#2) Should we consider reducing our stay/visa request from 6 months to 3 months? Given that they have highlighted "You may also consider reducing your stay period" in BOLD, we are wondering if we should make it 3 months.

#3) I am really hoping that the visa will be granted, atleast for 3 months. Anything else that I need to do to ensure that this happens?

*Snippets from their response*

-- Letter 1: IMMI s57 Natural Justice --

Invitation to comment on information for a Visitor (Tourist) (subclass 600) visa
Adverse information : The Department has conducted checks to confirm the information you provided in your previous or current application. During this process we have received unfavourable information which does not support your previous or current application. The results of the medical examination for XYZ (my parent) has been evaluated by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) and has been assessed as not meeting the health requirement for the grant of Visitor (class FA) Visitor (Tourist) (subclass 600) visa.
You are entitled to comment on the report by the MOC, and you may provide supporting evidence for a claim that the report is incorrect. Any comments or evidence you provide will be considered in making a decision on your application. Note: Only evidence of a medical nature such as specialist reports will be sent to the MOC for consideration."You may also consider reducing your stay period". We will in turn forward the information received form you to the MOC for consideration and advice you of the MOC's final determination.

-- Letter 2: 884E - Offshore - DNM - 600 --


The applicant has been assessed against Public Interest Criterion (PIC) 4005 [see attached extract] for the period of 1 year. The applicant does not satisfy sub-subparagraph PIC 4005(1)©(ii)(A) in Schedule 4 to the Migration Regulations. The applicant is a 52 year old person with: Asymptomatic myeloid leukemia.
Form and severity of the applicant's condition: the applicant has asymptomatic chronic myeloid leukaemia requiring immunomodulator medication. Provision of services to a hypothetical person in Australia with the same condition as the applicant and at the same severity: a hypothetical person in Australia with the same condition as the applicant, at the same severity, would be likely to require ongoing immunomodulator pharmaceuticals. This condition is likely to be Permanent. I consider that a hypothetical person with this disease or condition, at the same severity as the applicant, would be likely to require health care or community services during the period specified above.
These services would be likely to include: Pharmaceuticals
Provision of these health care and/or community services would be likely to result in a significant cost to the Australian community in the areas of health care and/or community services. In preparing this opinion, I have had regard to the information available to date concerning the applicant, including, but not limited to the immigration medical examination and a report from Haematologist <our doctor back home>

-- Letter 3: Extract from migration regulations 1994 --
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