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Hi Everyone, I am new here, and am currently in the process of piecing together my application, so please bear with me if my questions seem silly at this point (really trying to sort out the tonnes of paperwork that is needed) or repetitive. I have two questions at this point:

1. Police check - the booklet says applicants need police check if they've lived more than 12 months in a country. I have lived in Australia, Singapore, and India as per that requirement so I understand I need clearance for all 3. DO i need to supply clearance for all 3 countries with my application, or is this something that needs to be done once my application has been assigned to a case officer??

2. Also, has anyone here done the Singapore Police clearance as a non-citizen? Singapore Police force requires a letter from the immigration office requesting for one and I am not sure I wil have that unless I am assigned to a case officer.

3. Can anyone advice on the best way to get Police clearance for India from Australia?

Really appreciate any help on any of this. i am sure there will be many questions from me to follow and I request for your patience!

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