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Refused tourist visa

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I am from Bulgaria and have a tourist visa refused. Will this impact on any other further visa applications including a prosepective marriage visa?
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You will for the rest of your life, need declare refused visas.

The PMV application will look into the reason it was refused (I assume GTE requirement issues as per PAM 3) this will not directly impact the application.

We had 2 Visitor Visas refused for Ukrainians, the 3rd Visitor Visa was approved but we had to leave one of the kids behind in the Ukraine.

We then did a PMV application - a few months after that we again applied for all to get Visitor Visas for the remainder of the processing period. They were all granted and for longer than we requested.
You need to be in a relationship with the exclusion to all others (that is the same for de facto and PMV applicants) but the PMV has the intention to marry.

So while it could be seen to be and sort of is a de facto relationship - just call each other "partners" and in a "relationship".
For a PMV you need to have physically met each other. There is no requirement to be in the same country or have ever lived together.

You will want to put together a strong application and good evidence in all 5 categories. Plan on this process to be ready to apply, to take two to three months. Also its not for the faint hearted especially from high risk countries. Also I suggest you will need to plan on it costing $10,000 (Australian $'s) bit more if you find you want/need to use a RMA.

Sorry I don't give warm feelings - just say what I have experience with and what I have seen and heard.
P.S. I brought my camper van in Bulgaria about 7 years ago, the ex owner over there took us on a round trip of the country to inspect all that he had.

We decided LZ - 919 was the best and shipped it to Australia.

Must say your country and its people treated us very well, he has contacted me numerous times over the years to remove doubt of him being in anyway fraudulent. This is a major concern of other potential buyers outside Bulgaria - Such was his great service I gave him digital copies of all manuals translated to English, I think I paid $7,000 for the manuals plus scan costs.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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