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Hi Everyone,

Could someone please help with filling out the forms for applying 103 visa.

Given my mum's situation (She is a widow, her husband passed away a few years ago ), does she need to write down her deceased husband as her current partner? Or former partner? She has not had any relationships since then.

Regarding the form 47PA, to fill out ---- "Your children (including step-children from both current and previous marriages/relationships and the child sponsoring this application)" --------should my mum include her deceased husband's child in this part of the form(this child is over 30yo and has her own family). If so, will this child be counted in the family test??

There is also a question------" 59 If you have a partner, give details of ALL your partner’s family", Should my mum leave it blank, as she is a widow and doesn't have a partner at the moment.

Also to further question, on Form 40 there is ----"Part B – About the applicant’s partner or former partner" Should I leave it blank or maybe fill my father's detail in instead of my mum's deceased husband's detail???

Thank you, just confused with how the term widow should work here.
I think by law when a partner deceased, the relationship naturally ends. even there is no divorce paper.

Many thanks!!
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