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Hey everyone,
I know this has been discussed before, but my targeted searched arent working, probably my fault. apologies.

I received a message from a CO about providing new documents. The letter said I need to "respond in writing within 28 days to the contact details provided below".
The only contact details are a footer in the letter. it lists the website to make enquiries or complaints. and when I follow the prompts there is no place to submit anything related to my visa. Can I reply to the email from CO directly from gmail? It seems to be a generic email address, not specific to a person, just the department.
Ive uploaded the requested documents, medical appointment letter, AFP and state check. but it says in need to respond in writing.

any help would be awesome!! thanks

We have recently been asked for further documents and having a a belt & braces attitude to dealing with bureaucracy (I guess belt & suspenders if you're from the USA, but that sounds weird!), I emailed the address provided in the email with attachments, and also uploaded the requested documents to our ImmiAccount.

I received an auto reply, which among other things, cautioned us not to provide attachments in emails to the department, but instead to upload them to the ImmiAccount.

I have continued to provide updates and an expected timeline by email, as 2 of the documents requested are police checks from overseas and were expected to take longer than 28 days to obtain.

Not sure how it works if you lodged a paper application or whether paper applications get treated differently after lodgement.

Hope that helps
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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