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Required Docs 820?

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Hi Everyone,

Curious which documents for the 820 visa are considered required. Anytime I am clicking around my application, I only ever see Recommended documents, never Required. We have uploaded evidence and information for many different categories, and are quite thorough and diligent.
My query is when I am checking out some threads on here, people keep mentioned Required docs and I just want to make sure I haven't missed anything massively obvious or something.

Thanks in Advance!

820 Application Lodged Feb 21, 2018
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form 80

Form 80 is now listed as a requirement on the website so I'd say so. If you've already completed it, no reason to not upload it.

And yes, police checks and medicals you can hold off on until requested if you like.
since when was the form 80 a requirement? we applied May 7 2017, while our application is yet to be touched I would like to know if we are required to fill this out?
frustrating that things keep changing, I wish we applied a year earlier!
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