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Good Day!

Respectful request for urgent Sponsorship to immigrate to Australia, and other assistance.

1 I am in need of getting sponsorship for my aimed immigration to Australia.
2 My case is quite complex, and the best way to understand at least the essence of my situation, and to understand it in the shortest time frame, is to read my Curriculum Vitae. The best way is to write to me at my below mentioned e – mail address, and I can explain to you in more details what caused me to be in my current dilemma.
3 I respect Australia very much, and I am in need of the well-known confident, generous and understanding attitude of the Australian community. In return I will again be able to get back on my feet, and make a valuable contribution to the economy of Australia. I want to tell the truth, tell things simply as they are since I want to build my future on honesty and sincerity.
4 Alternatively, maybe you can please advise me on where to contact a few sponsors?

With respect and Hope,

GD Prinsloo.
Tel: +375-255-17-8611.
E - mail: asylum4gdprinsloo at g mail com
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