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Am going to post here with a recent timeline for visitors who may like to see up to date information, here is the timeline for my fiancee's approved PMV 300 application made from Vietnam:

07.06.13- Submitted application at AVAC Hanoi (it then got sent to HCM for processing)
23.06.13- Received request for medicals via email
27.06.13- Medicals submitted
20.08.13- CO called and requested additional documents- 1. Letter from Fiancees son's father allowing him to immigrate with her to Australia 2. Letter from me about why and when my previous marriage ended. 3. Single status certificate from me (had thought divorce cert would cover this but it doesnt)
23.09.13- CO called to ask why we hadn't submitted the additional documents yet (I had gone back to Vietnam after the request and this caused further delay, along with the fact that using standard Australia Post International Express took 23 days to arrive after putting in the letterbox- word of advice, pay the extra and use Express Post International Courier if sending documents from AUS to Vietnam)
23.09.13- Fiancee received email requesting she attend interview at Australian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City
01.10.13- Emailed copies of my two additional documents to Australian Consulate General HCM (originals still in postal system)
03.10.13- Fiancee attened interview with CO in HCM (told visa would be up to 4 months away still as processing time is average 8 months in vietnam as at time of application)
15.10.13- Additional documents finally arrived to Hanoi from AUS and submitted to AVAC Hanoi.
17.10.13- CO called fiancee and asked her to go to AVAC Hanoi so they can return our documents.
13.12.13- Visa granted for Fiancee and her son, letter notifying her of grant received by email on 16.12.13.

It is important to remember that all applications are different! My Fiancee met another applicant in the HCM IOM office as they were interviewed on the same day. That applicant is still waiting on return of her documents even though she employed a lawyer to submit the application. Patience is key.

Good luck and God speed to all.
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